“My Role in Creating a Peaceful World”

Human beings do desire to live in a world of peace. No one wants to live in a world of war and tragic disasters killing and causing them to live under the miseries and agonies. 100-year-ago world was unlike the present world. In the past, the world experienced several tremendously affected wars such as the World War I, World War II, and as well as the Cold War which claimed mass lives of people and ruined everything. But the world, now, is highly likely to be safe and peaceful thanks to the absence of war. However, a substantial number of people are still afraid that the world will be turned into the battlefield and unsafe place due to the current controversial ideas, competitions among the world’s superpowers and continuous conflicts between the world’s countries. I have some important perspectives towards peaceful world. As far as we know, the world’s superpower countries such as the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France strive to compete with one another in terms of nuclear weapons. They always want to bring the world under control by wielding weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) to threaten the world. Our world, therefore, will be peaceful if it becomes nuclear-free. Furthermore, non-ideological challenge is of crucial importance to peaceful world. Cold War came as there was the ideological conflict between Russia and the United States. It is perfectly clear that the democracies like the United States do not get along well with Russia, China, and North Korea, the communists. Democracies are generally more prosperous, better governed, less likely to wage war against their neighbors than non-democratic states. Shortages of food leave a huge number of dead people, which leads to the unsafe world. Starvation can transform humankind into wild animals and cause people to commit theft, robbery and killing. World’s poverty eradication is also a solution to safe world. Peaceful world depends heavily on not only the absence of war, ideological harmony, and poverty eradication, but also environmental protection. We are mutually reliant on environment and it has a great influence on us. Environmental problems including natural disasters claim millions of people’s lives, which concerns the world. Besides, a sense of respecting, understanding, helping, non-discriminating each other irrespective of race, religion and living in one family also leads harmonious world. Each country pays a respect to each other’s territorial sovereignty and does not invade the other countries. Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by mutual understanding. Also, the world should follow the culture of helping each other in order to make a better world. As a youth, peace can be brought to the world by several means. Educated youths are very important to help make peace. We are well educated and capable of doing something useful for the society in various ways. For example, we can become a peaceful leader of our country and then we will have an opportunity to find peace for our nation as well as the world. As a peaceful leader, we are able to tackle the world’s issues such as nuclear, poverty and environmental problems. Moreover, we are able to teach our next generation how to become a good and peaceful person, tell them about the adverse effects of war, advantages of peace and how to work out the problems peacefully, how to be persistent and tolerant. Peace building starts from each individual. Respecting, understanding, helping and loving each other are a good deed to maintain peace. If we respect and understand each other, we will have no conflict. If we help and love each other, we will have more friends. What is more, religion plays a key role in bringing peace to the world. Every religion is good for people and makes us feel calm and live peacefully. No religion encourages people to kill and be in conflict with each other. . If we follow religion properly, we will be on the right track towards the peace. Race, religion, nationality, sex, and color nondiscrimination is also a key element to creating a pacific world. It is not difficult to seek and build peace because it is in the hand of people. They can make the world harmonious one, but they can also cause the world to be at war. When they become peaceful in themselves, they will become people who can live peacefully with others. Everybody expects to live a life of peace and development. All human beings in the world must think that they are in the same boat, having to promote the values of peace and prevent war from happening. . We are positively sure that our world will remain stable and at peace if all the countries across the world cooperate with one another and make strenuous effort to help pacify the world.

2 thoughts on ““My Role in Creating a Peaceful World””

    1. It will appear in my country soon….since I am planing to do sth with my country. Thank you for ur seeing…

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