Boeung Kak’s Villagers Curse Grabbing Company

Sun Narin

September 19, 2010

MORE than 200 residents from 7 villages in city’s Boeung Kak lakeside, whose houses are being inundated of sand pumping operation, celebrated a 2-hour praying yesterday morning cursing the grabbing development company called Shukaku Inc.

Ly Mom, a representative for the lakeside community and praying celebration organizer, said that people were showing their anger and suffering before the god, praying for god to help them curse the company to be vanished.

“Only god as a witness can help us. All the authorities are afraid of the company, so they do not dare to solve the problem for people,” adding that only premier Hun Sen could help them.

She said that it was like “cold war” since did not use force to evict people, but they flooded people’s house.

“We would rather die in the house than leaving. We will not go anywhere because we live there legally,” she said.

Khun Sary, who house is being flooded, said that she could no longer live in the house since water was being increasing.

“The company is threatening and intimidating people to get only 1000 dollars and leave the house. If not, people will get nothing,” she said.

Shukaku Inc, which is headed by Cambodian People’s Party Senator Lao Meng Khin, acquired rights to develop the lakeside in 2007. Housing rights groups estimate that more than 4,000 families will be displaced by the company’s proposed 133-hectare development project.

Chhay Thirith, Srah Chak commune chief and Nuon Sameth, Phnom Penh deputy governor, could not be reached for comment.

Cambodian union leaders Stopped Strike

Sun Narin, September 18, 2010

The union leader declared on Thursday to call of the strike demanding the new minimum wages and arranged talks with the manufacturers.

Ath Thun, president of the Cambodian Labour Confederation, said that employees had started to return to work because the government’s response was reasonable.

Social Affairs Minister It Samheng said the government would sit down with both sides in the dispute on Sept. 27 to discuss “benefits for garment and footwear workers.” The minister warned that further stoppages could “affect benefits for the workers, employers, and our nation that is facing the impact of the global financial crisis.”

The strike followed a deal between the government and industry that set the minimum wage for garment and footwear staff at $61 US a month. Unions say the salary is not enough to cover food, housing and travel expenses, and want a base salary of $93.

Monk Net Kai Charged

Sun Narin

September 19, 2010

A Buddhist monk Net Kai was sentenced to one year in prison for producing and distributing pornography after being detained for nearly a month, according to a judge.

Thirty Seven-year-old Net Kai, who was former monk at Srah Chak pagoda, taped more than 600 women pouring sacred water over themselves in the pagoda bathroom. He was sued by a 23-year-old victim who approached police since her naked body in video clips has been shared to the public. Other three women also filed complaint against him.
Judge Kim Dany said that he the monk was fined with the two million riel (500 dollars) and was ordered to pay compensation of 10,000 dollars to the victim.
“He still faces similar charges brought against him from three other women,” she said.
Net Khai was arrested in June at his pagoda in the Cambodian capital and was subsequently stripped of his religious status.
Buddhist monks are revered in Cambodia, where Buddhists make up more than 90 percent of the population. There are more than 55,000 monks across the country, which has 4,300 temple complexes.

Hundreds of Cows Dead in Kampong Cham

By Sun Narin

September 18, 2010

Some 20-day-long disease epidemic caused hundreds of cows in Kampong Cham provincial Koh Sotin district sick, according to the authority.

Kompong Reap Commune Chief Sok Touch said that some 1000 cows fell sick and were infectious from early September to now, killing around 90 cows, adding that the villagers sold the cows with half a cow price.

Nein Samin, the district veteran, said that the cows died of plague, water flu and smallpox, adding that smallpox was can be treated, but the other two diseases were hard to cure.

Heng Bun Yi, provincial agriculture department, said that the farmers did not take cows to be vaccinated, that was why they were communicated with the disease.

CTN Drama Banned to Show

Sun Narin

September 16, 2010

The Information Ministry sent a statement to Cambodian Television Network (CTN) yesterday to stop displaying Khmer drama movie called Strange Fortunate Partner since it degraded the women’s reputation.

The statement stated that Strange Fortunate Partner movie showed that Cambodian women were auctioned by rich people to be their wife, comparing women to thing or animal for selling and buying. According to the statement, “It adversely affects Khmer tradition and Women’s dignity, and is criticized from public audience.”

President gives grant to Cambodian school

President Pratibha Patil met teachers and students from Kampong Cham provincial Cambodia-India Friendship School on Wednesday and granted school with $246,000. This is the only engagement India has with Cambodia in the field of primary education.The school has an interesting history, and an accidental Indian association. First built in 1981 and named the Trea Sar School, it was renamed ten years later after a visit by the then Indian ambassador in Cambodia. The ambassador had given some rice and a mere $300 as goodwill assistance to the school. Cambodian PM Hun Sen who accompanied the ambassador on the visit, instructed that the school be renamed.