Innovative Fire Alarm Launched in Cambodia

Sun Narin

September 9,2010

DYNAMIC E-GROUP LIMITED  (DEG)  launched its newly-imported fire alarm systems, detectomat products from German company in Cambodia at Phnom Penh Hotel exhibition yesterday.

Engineer Jens Rittmeyer, sales manager of detectomat GmbH company said that the fire products could help Cambodian people from the fire risk stemming from faulty wiring and gas explosion.

“It can save people’s lives and property. It lets people know when there is smoke in the building,” he said.

He said that these fire detection systems were innovative technology with high quality and reliability, and inteligent systems.

Some 20 comprehensive fire dectectors were introduced to the audience at the exhibition event including conventional, addressable and wireless detectors.

He said that the fire systems can be equipped on the ceiling in the residentals, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, industry and hopitals.

Kim Rathna, the sales executives of DEG, said that these fire detectors new and more modern than other fire detectors in Cambodia and can be used to test smoke, heat and as bell.

“They [fire dectectors] can tell specific area where the fire burns,” he said.

He says that company is starting selling it and it costs around 1000 dollars including smoker detector and control panel.

“Most of the customers are the owner of villa and apartment,” he said.

Neth Vantha, director of Phnom Penh Municipal Fire Department, says that the fire alarm is the sign showing that there is fire at somewhere and tells the owners to be aware of the fire.

“The fire alarm can benefit people because it tells quickly when there is fire,” so “The fire fighters can go to help them immediately,” he said.

There were roughly 29 times of fire in Phnom Penh in the duration of 7 to 8 months this 2010 , accofrding to Vantha.

“There were no deaths and injured people,” he said.

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