Kampong Speu High School Takes Money for Registration

Sun Narin

September 14,2010

Student’s parents in Kampong Speu province are complaining that Sokha-Phally High School’s director took money from students for new academic registration.

Sok Keurn, 46, official and father of students taken money, said that every student at Sokha-Phally high school was charged around 6000 Riel for enrolling the new class.

“My child at grade 12 was charged 3000 Riel and my niece at grade 10 charged 6000 Riel,” he said.

He said that not only this high school, but also the other high schools took money from students for new-year study registration.

“I am not satisfied with this action because Education Ministry does not allow all level-schools to take money. Students can study free of charge,” he said.

“I need the intervention from Ministry, so I told CITA to help me since I do not know how to contact Education Ministry officials,” adding that he lost confidence in ministry.

Oum Kipoan, Sokha Phally School’s former director, said that his school never charged students for registration and the application was free.

“School maybe wants to do identity card for students, so they are required to pay some money for that,” he said.

Rong Chhun, president of the Cambodian Independent Teachers Association, said that Ministry should take high responsibilities for every provincial high schools taking money from students.

“They [ministry] have never taken any actions to deal with the problem,” adding that “Taking money for class registration is illegal.”

“Teachers, students and people now lost confidence in ministry,” he said.

Uo Eng, director general at the General Department of Education, rejected what CITA ‘s information and said yesterday that ministry did not have policy of charging students for registration in all levels including primary, secondary and high schools.

“I have not got the complaint from parents,” adding parents should file complaint to the ministry and ministry would solve the problem for them.

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