Cambodian union leaders Stopped Strike

Sun Narin, September 18, 2010

The union leader declared on Thursday to call of the strike demanding the new minimum wages and arranged talks with the manufacturers.

Ath Thun, president of the Cambodian Labour Confederation, said that employees had started to return to work because the government’s response was reasonable.

Social Affairs Minister It Samheng said the government would sit down with both sides in the dispute on Sept. 27 to discuss “benefits for garment and footwear workers.” The minister warned that further stoppages could “affect benefits for the workers, employers, and our nation that is facing the impact of the global financial crisis.”

The strike followed a deal between the government and industry that set the minimum wage for garment and footwear staff at $61 US a month. Unions say the salary is not enough to cover food, housing and travel expenses, and want a base salary of $93.

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