Laotian Man Charged of Drug Trafficking in Cambodia

Sun Narin
Stung Treng

Stung Treng provincial court charged a Lao national man of distributing and trafficking methamphetamines drug into Cambodia yesterday.

Phat Thai, Stung Treng provincial deputy court prosecutor, said that the Laotian suspect was charged of the distributing and trafficking drug according to article 33 of drug trafficking, adding that “he will be sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison and paid some fines.”

“We are waiting for the final decision from the court,” he said.

Long Vicheat, the provincial police chief, said that the Laotian suspect Nguong Thang, 52, was arrested on Sunday at around 6 pm in Thala Barivat district’s Preah Kil commune’s Anlong Savay village near Cambodia-Loa border. He was found trafficking methamphetamine of 3520 pills of methamphetamines (314.5 grams) in the rice package.

There were 13 cases of drug trafficking in Stung Treng province for this year and two of which including this case are related to Laotians, according to the anti-drug trafficking office.Photo from CEN

One Man died in Rail Trolley Cart

Sun Narin

Pursat Province

A 22-year-old in Pursat provincial Krakor district died on Saturday because he fell from the rail trolley cart while he was riding.

Hong Savon, Tnaut Chrum commune police post officer, said that the cart has problem with its wheel and then the victim fell in front of the cart, causing it to step on him, adding that the victim’s leg was cut, broke his head and some injuries to his arms.

The victim named Kong Tit living in Kandieng district and he traveled from Kamrang area with the cart loading around 3 tons of rice and 20 passengers.

The trolley cart rider escaped when the incident happened and police are searching for him.

Late 2009, there was a rail cart incident​ in Pursat province causing 5 people seriously injured, according to Hong Savon.

Ly Borin, the director of Rail Road Department in Phnom Penh, said that the railway is for only the train not for trolley cart and the authority does not allow them to do business on the rail.

“It can cause the accident every time. The state is not responsible for them because it is illegal and the trolley owner will be punished,” adding that though they use the railway, they have to be careful.