Laotian Man Charged of Drug Trafficking in Cambodia

Sun Narin
Stung Treng

Stung Treng provincial court charged a Lao national man of distributing and trafficking methamphetamines drug into Cambodia yesterday.

Phat Thai, Stung Treng provincial deputy court prosecutor, said that the Laotian suspect was charged of the distributing and trafficking drug according to article 33 of drug trafficking, adding that “he will be sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison and paid some fines.”

“We are waiting for the final decision from the court,” he said.

Long Vicheat, the provincial police chief, said that the Laotian suspect Nguong Thang, 52, was arrested on Sunday at around 6 pm in Thala Barivat district’s Preah Kil commune’s Anlong Savay village near Cambodia-Loa border. He was found trafficking methamphetamine of 3520 pills of methamphetamines (314.5 grams) in the rice package.

There were 13 cases of drug trafficking in Stung Treng province for this year and two of which including this case are related to Laotians, according to the anti-drug trafficking office.Photo from CEN


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