Joint concert held to mark 60th anniversary of Cambodia-Thailand diplomatic ties

PHNOM PENH, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) — A free concert to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Cambodia-Thailand diplomatic ties was held on Saturday afternoon at Phnom Penh’s Chaktomuk Hall.

The Cambodia-Thailand cultural performance, featured musical and cultural shows by artists of the two countries, was also live telecast nationwide via the National Television of Cambodia and TV3 as well as to Thailand.

Khim Sarith, secretary of state of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, said the concern was to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between the two countries, which come on Sunday, and to exchange and strengthen the two nations’ cultural relations.

Nipit Intarasombut, Thailand culture minister, said during the opening ceremony that Thailand and Cambodia are close neighbors for ages and people of the two countries have good relations in culture, tradition and the same Buddhism.

“I believe that the art performance today will create the closer expansion of cooperation between the people of the two nations on all sectors and it is an event to reflect affection, solidarity, and mutual understanding between the people of the two countries,” he said.

This is the second joint concert between the two nations since the first one was held at the Indoor Stadium in Bangkok on Nov. 28.

Cambodia and Thailand have had border conflict just one week after Cambodia’s Preah Vihear Temple was registered as World Heritage Site in July 2008.

Since then the conflict started, military standoff has been on and off along the two countries’ border and several military clashes have already happened with recorded small causalities from both sides.

The border issue, however, has been eased as the top leaders of Cambodia and Thailand have held four meetings since September.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Dec. 6 at a graduation ceremony that the border situation between Cambodia and Thailand has now returned to the date before July 15, 2008.

Hun Sen also praised the joint Cambodia Thai concert on Nov. 28 at the Indoor Stadium in Bangkok, and live televised to Cambodia through the national television of Cambodia and TV3.


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