Real Skill and Capability Still the concern for the Unemployment

By Sun Narin and Vorn Makara

International Labour Organization expert says Cambodia’s job market is still facing a difficult recovery from the global economic downturn.  However, the employment rate increases in this year. While the nation’s economy is growing, there is still concern that the human resource is not able to meet the market’s needs.

Job rate in this year grows around 3 percent comparing to previous year, according to the National Institute of Statistics. A research of International Labour Organization shows that around 700 people are seeking jobs per day in 2010.

Nhem Kimhoy, the chief of Replacement Bureau at the Labour Ministry, says that the government has produced a variety of jobs through local and international investment.

“The government and ministry pay much attention to finding jobs for the unemployed. They urge investors to establish factories, companies and many other constructions so that people will have more jobs to do,he said.

Though, the number of jobs is rising, most of the job seekers are facing the difficulties in seeking job. Chhom Navy, a recruitment consultant at the job agency Great Alliances, says that a number of candidates have limited ability.

“I see that most of the candidates lack confidence and their English is limited. Some people are not courageous to talk. The others have good English but they do not dare to speak out,” she said.

There are more factors causing candidates to find it hard to get a job. Tun Sophorn is the national coordinator for Cambodia at the International Labour Organization. He says job seekers do not have professional skill for the market needs and they have no skill at work including working in group, leadership and computer.

“Their studying skill mismatches the market needs. Our education does not focus on working skill. Therefore, youths will meet problem in finding job after graduating,” he said.

Currently, the government provides vocational training on specific skill to satisfy market demand. The ministry has set up job center for job-seeking service and market information.

“The ministry has been training all kinds of skills throughout the country to foster people who have no skill to be employed so that all the companies are easy to recruit them to work,” he said.

To find job for Cambodian people, International Labour Organization is going to start its five-year plan next year. The project focuses on three main things: professional development, work accountability and social protection. For DMC radio, I’m Vorn Makara from Phnom Penh.


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