Television Commercial

By SUN Narin

Most of Cambodia’s people throughout the country living in the remote and the countryside are now able to have an access to television. To date, there have been nine television stations nationwide including Cambodian Television Network (CTN), Bayon, SEATV (Southeast Asian Television), Municipal TV3, TVK, Khmer TV9, Khemarak Phomin TV5, Apsara and MYTV stations. All of the stations have been competing with one another to be the most popular and watching. Some of which are becoming the most leading TV stations such as CTN, MYTV, Bayon, and TV5. According to TV market index survey conducted in Phnom Penh issued in October 2010, CTN is the most leading station accounting for 45 percent; MYTV, TV5 and Bayon respectively for 14%, 10% and 9 percent (see the attached document).

Since people are aware that television is very efficacious and large audience-reached medium, the product owners or companies decide to promote their products on television and try to make advertisement appealing to the watchers. A lot of products are displayed and broadcast on television every day to the audience during dramas and concerts. This leads to the recently rapid increase in the television advertisement. However, what is the concern is that how can the television stations make all these advertisings effective?

I think and most people support my idea that advertising on leading television is a clever strategy to make the products be known to the audience and best-selling after the promotion. One more important thing to consider is the way that all the television stations present the commercial to the watchers effectively. I have got some document concerning the TV advertisement cost of three TV stations including CTN, Bayon and TV5 (see the attached document). According to CTN and Bayon advertising manager, the cost is charged differently given the length time of the spots and types of programs such as drama or concert. Television stations play an important role in presenting the advertising spots to the watchers. For example, they have to know what time that they should advertise such kinds of certain products. How many products have to be advertised for a certain break? Otherwise, the advertisements will not be effective and watched by the people. However, I think that people are not satisfied with these advertising on recent TV because it is too much.

To illustrate this, one example of Cambodian Television Network is raised. I agree that CTN is very effective for advertising since a large number of people all over the country watch this television. Due to the fact that most people, especially the young aged, prefer to watching concert than drama, a lot of ad are advertised in this program in the purpose of attracting the audience. During the break, they display a lot of advertisements which take long minutes and when the spot finishes, they also let the presenters take some time to say about the products in the program. So does the advertisement in the drama. The full story is short and the advertisement takes long time. For example, the sequence of drama is 1 hour with 4-time break and one time covers more than 10 spots and it totally takes more than 20 minute.

I think this is too much for the advertisement and leads to the ineffectiveness of the promotion. I observe and notice that the audience are now tired of the advertising since there are a lot advertisings in the break time. Therefore, people do not always stay tune when there is a break time. They change to the other channels which do not display the advertisement. I think all the television stations think about the advertisers rather than the audience’s preference. In addition to this, I see that recent TV stations seem not to care about which advertisement fits the program. For instance, what kind of products will be advertised during the drama or concert program?

In conclusion, all television stations should consider the case of promoting the advertisement and make the audience not bored and not change the channel. They have to take the length of advertisement and fitting ad with program during the break into account. By doing this, the promotion will be effective and appealing to the audience.

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