Journalism may not be the simplest path, but I like it

By Sun Narin

A number of people, in my opinion, would not agree that working as a reporter for a newspaper is interesting and fun. But if you like what you do, you will be proud because you have an interesting job where you can meet and talk to a lot of people starting from the grassroots level up to high-ranking officials.

I have been working for Lift Magazine for nearly half a year while I study media management at the Department of Media and Communication, Royal University of Phnom Penh. As a young reporter with little experience working as a journalist, I have had some unusual difficulties.

A source to give me information is the most important thing for me. It really makes my job hard if my source refuses to talk to me or I cannot find a person who dares to talk to me. To be honest, I often find high-ranking officials the most difficult people to interview, but not all of them. They are always busy and do not want to give information to a journalist.

I often say my story will not be good without their input since they are highly aware of a specific issue. I am also busy with my academic work, so time is also a challenge.

Sometimes when I have to finish a story for my editor I rush to complete the story, but then I feel that the story is not good for the readers. And sometimes I am just a procrastinator.

Also, finding an interesting topic for our readers can sometimes be a bit difficult for me. Language is also a problem for me because I write my stories in English, which is not my native tongue.


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