People living along the Mekong River

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This afternoon, I went to Kandal province to interview people living along Mekong river. I drove motor across Chruoy Changva bridge and turning right to take the ferry to the other district called Khsach Kandal. My friend and I were driving through two villages called Svay Chroum and Bar Chum.

At there I interviewed a farmer who plating corn and cucumber by using water from the river. I also interviewed people who stored the water for treatment to sell to the people living there.

He said that the water helped him alot. He pumped it around 200 cubic meter per day.

The fishermen said that now the water is not plentiful of fish like before. Last year he can fish around 1 ton of fish per day, but now only 200 to 300 kilograms of fish.

The village chief said most people do farming and fishing for their life. The use the water for planting, daily consumption and for drinking by boiling it.

She added that before some people drink the water directly but now they have clay filters to treat the water.

She said that this year the water is not much like before making the lack of fish.

However, people said that because of the dams which lead to the decline of water.

Unfortunately, I did not go to Koh Dach and Koh Okhna Tey since it takes time and I do not have much time.


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