Heroscope on newspaper

By Sun Narin

Horoscope on Tuesday January, 11th, 2010 I am in the year of dragon;

I am now 22 years old

Raksmey Kampuchea:

You have a fairly good luck. Every work you are doing today is up and down, not stable. Therefore, you have to be careful and strongly surmountable with everything to succeed. For those who are business people are able to earn money as normal without any impediment. For love those who have love, the love partners understand each other and there is no argument at all.

Kampuchea Thmey:

Your today luck is down. You work very hard without free time to rest but you have no specific job goal. Business is not making profit at all. You will care about money, making you upset and sad. For love, it is intimate without any problem at all.

Phnom Penh Post: Your luck is declining. When you go somewhere near or distant to work, you will meet failure and obstacles, which makes you depressed. Your speaking is not acceptable to other people. For love, the partners do not understand and forgive each other, which can lead to the separation or break-up.

Reality: Study: I am really happy with my study on that day since I can finish my assignment on time and am appreciated by my friends since I am able to finish the work on time with good result. In conclusion, my study from morning till evening is good for me. For family, I do not have argument with each other and everybody is fine but a bit problem with money. I ask my sister for more money, but she says she has no more money for me.

In conclusion: I think that horoscope for Tuesday on these 3 newspapers is not correct to me as a university student.