Accreditation of University


By Noch sokhema

“… there are loads of unnoticeable advantages that lie behind this system for the universities and students to take into their consideration,” said Noch Sokhema.


“ACCREDITATION is the process whereby a structured programmed of learning or training enables participants to claim nationally respected certification which recognizes their achievements,” (Open College Network, Kent & Medway). Besides knowing that it improves our educational sector, we also have to know how it processes, ways to obtain it, and what are the benefits we will get from it.

According to worldwide learn (1999-2010), there are many steps in achieving accreditation, namely preparation and self-examination, peer review, visit and examination, judgment action made by accreditation organization, and continuous review. In preparation and self-examination, items as well as written reports, that represent the achievements of the institutions, are prepared to meet the standard level of accreditation organization. Moreover, peer review is also the important step of accreditation. Administrative and faculty peer visit the university in order to find the status of accreditation of that university by review vigorously on the prepared materials and the written reports. The next step is visit and examination, in which a team of peer reviewers and member of public make a visit to the institution, in the purpose of seeking quality standard. Following this, judgment action made by accreditation organization is used to examine the status of university whether it should give accreditation or not. Finally, continuous reviews is needed to review every two or three or even ten years in order to maintain the accreditation standard of the accredited institution. In this process, all steps need to be gone over again after each accreditation.

In order to become an accredited university, one must aware, not only the process, but ways to meet the requirements of accreditation organization so as to assess standard for the university. Owing to the ACC in 2010, the first requirement of the university is mission. Its purposes are to find out and determine the clarity, appropriateness and accuracy of its publicly disseminated mission. Second, Governing Structure, Management and Planning play a very fundamental role in pursuing the accomplishment by improving the quality of the university. Apart from this, the university mission, employment market and students’ needs, and so is its relevance to national development goals are needed for academic program to be updated. Besides, teaching staff must be the professionals in relation to their subject since good quality is a course of concern when providing to students and the university. What is more, things such as knowledge, competence and skill from students and student service are also put into use for the credit of the university. Next, libraries, research papers, computer labs, research stations, Internet, textbooks, etc are the kinds of teaching and learning resource that needs to adequate. After all, it supports both teaching and learning process and the quality of university. Also, adequacy must be met when considering physical facilities and other necessary equipments as well. On top of that, future and continuation of higher education program or other services depend entirely on financial management and planning, therefore it must stay under secure governance. Finally, information of the achievement of the university should be promoted so that public awareness can be raised on the development of the higher education institutions.

As far as the advantages of accreditation are concerned, it brings students good educational quality. For some reasons, students have faith in the accreditation university and believe that their time and money will not be wasted on such true knowledge. In addition, the financial aid opportunities are given to student who has enrolled the university, which has accredited by accreditation organization. In the case of student wanting to transfer course credit they have learned to new a university with new courses available for them, it is acceptable if the previous university has appropriate accreditation status. Lastly, employees from the standard university or accredited university may be wanted by employers, so learning in such university has its own benefits as well (worldwide learn 1999-2010).

In conclusion, accreditation is such a complicated process set by the accreditation organization. Therefore, obtaining it is also difficult. However, there are loads of unnoticeable advantages that lie behind this system for the universities and students to take into their consideration.

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