By Soeun Malydet

“…E-learning program provides convenient and quality education… learners do not need to study abroad…,” said Soeun Malydet

EDUCATION plays an important role in developing country. If we want to develop educational system in one country, the key factor is providing and expanding the wide varieties of choice of people to gain formal or informal education. To reach the efficiency goal, many people desire to study abroad because they think that they can practice and search many documents in native country. However, some people do not have enough ability, so they decide to study in local. Recently; Advancing of science and new technology, people can learn and search information everywhere and every time. It seems like the world is closed to us. This is considered as E-learning. So what is the meaning of E-learning and how does it affects to educational system in Cambodia?

E-learning is the process of learning and providing education through accessing the computer and internet. According to Cambridge dictionary, E-learning is the business of providing courses on the Internet for students so that they can study and learn at home. E-learning provides many skills, and training courses to meet the demands of students, staffs in many organizations or institutes who need to fulfill the required knowledge and to get the high quality to improve the achievement. In Cambodia E-learning is not so popular and well-known because there are not enough institutes which make it available for learners to process this system. However, there is only one institute in Cambodia which can provide E-learning. It is located at Economics Finance Institute (EFI) and it is cooperating with Charles Start University of Australia. At the institute, students have chance to study online in order to upgrade their knowledge and careers. E-learning has both good and bad effects.

E-learning has many essential benefits to contribute to the development of educational system in Cambodia in order to challenge with globalization. First, E-learning helps learners to develop the computer and internet skills which are applicable to other factor of lifelong learning. Learners will get used to computer as well as internet which are the main skill to challenge with real life situation in term of studying and working. Second, E-learning program provides convenient and quality education. For example, learners do not need to study abroad because it can cut down some expenses such as travelling cost or studying materials. In addition, it improves the quality of education. Student will successfully complete online program or computer skill based on their course. Moreover, they can build up self-knowledge and self-confidence in term of taking responsibility of their learning. Third, E-learning program decreases great expense on international exchange programs. For instance, in one year, there are large budgets on expenditure of educational system. However; E-learning program can help to reduce a part of expense. So, E-learning has benefit to educational in Cambodia based on a few positive points above.

Despite of merits of E-learning, there are some disadvantages caused by the program. First, learners may lack of familiar structure and routine may take getting used to. Students themselves do not involve to the real class activities and participate with classroom management or may not get used to true class environment. Second, Students may miss social interaction and feel isolated. They may find themselves lack of self-confidence to deal with the problem occurred face-to-face. They cannot improve their communication skills to make an effective communication with people in real society. Last but not least, students adopt poor learning habits and do not have motivation to learn which may give negative result in their study. They do not participate directly or get any recommendation from lectures on their real performance.

In conclusion, E-learning program has both bad and good effects on Cambodia education. It is good for improving the quality of education; however it is bad to some extend of education quality. I believe that this program will help some students who wish to pursue their knowledge without moving away from their country. It is also impeccable for lifelong learning, and it helps workers to get success in their career. However, it may not suitable for people who wish to study with the real environment. It is appropriate for higher levels in Cambodia education, but it is not applicable in lower levels. I hope E-learning will improve Cambodia educational system to be able to challenge with other countries.

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