Gay Gather around Beoung Kak

By Sun Narin

A 33-year-old gay, Sok Visal whose hometown in Kampong Cham province, has been gay since he was young and his parents and family are embarrassed and do not want him to be like that. However, he said that being gay is from his birth and he wants to live in such a life.

Facing the prohibition and dislike from his family, he decided to leave his family in the province to leave in Phnom Penh.

“I do not have much freedom that I want in my family,” he said.

Sok Visal is now living in the area of Beoung Kak lake along long the railway in Toul Kork district, and shares a renting house with some several gay friends.

“Now no one can bother him and I have total rights to do what I want,” he said.

Aversion, prejudice and discrimination against gay known as MSM (Men Sex Men) have still existed in Cambodian society including in the family, working place and community as a whole. Area around development Beoung Kak lake by Shukaku company is now the place where a lot of gays estimated a hundred are living and consider it good place for them to gather together.

Sok Visal said that he followed his friends to live there since they find it safe place to live gay life.

“In here we have a lot of people and no one can say something bad about us,” he said.

Som Ratana, 24 and Si Phim, 22, who are gay and living in Beoung Kak area on adjacent to the railway share the same house with each other. Sim Phim whose parents were dead since he was young, is considered by Som Ratana’s mother as her child.

“My mother never says anything about this and she allows me to do what I want,” said Som Ratana.

Som Ratana and Si Phim sell their sex to the customers and perform gay show at some club during night to earn the money.

Si Phim said that her customers are both Khmer and foreigners such as Chinese and French.

“I can earn from 200 to 300 hundred dollars from this business,” he said.

…… be continued…..


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