Valenentine’s Day

For nearly a decade that Valentine’s Day has been introduced and celebrated in Cambodia and now it is very popular among the youths who have partners (boyfriend or girlfriend). They give roses to each other to show the love.

Actually the meaning of Valentine’s Day is only the day that we show the love to our beloved people including parents, siblings, teachers and friends, not only referring the special person known as boyfriend or girlfriend. However, now when people  hear the word “Valentine’s Day”, they want to say that the day for the youths who have boyfriend or girl friends. It is now very special among the youths and over the last 4 or 5 years, it is said that this day is the day that the partner, boyfriends or girlfriends start to have sex with each other and a number of girls lose virgin and lured to have sex with her boyfriend on that day. Now it is the concerned problem for parents and society as a whole.

We can see that flower selling is ubiquitous through the country especially in Phnom Penh. On this ocassion, some institutions working with women and health raise awareness to the youths on the effects of  Valentine’s day since they find out that most partners have sex with each other. It is true that every year, on Valentine’s day, the guesthouses and hotels are full of lovers who go to have sex with one another.

Mr. Tong Soprach, who is the professor at Royal University of Phnom Penh and studies on the Valentine’s day, said in Radio France International,  that the country’s economic increase leads to the existence of valentine’s day since youths show love to each other. According to his survey, more than half who the partners tend to have sex on valentine’s day.

Most partners, according to his study, are given flower, stuffs, by her boyfriends and are invited to the special places and clubs and then they have possibility of having sex.

Siren truck reduced…

By Sun Narin

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen declared to reduce the siren truck accompanying the high ranking officials since they can cause traffic jam and accident and disturb people, according to his speech on television yesterday.

He said that the siren truck is only for the king, premier, president of national assembly and senate, totally only 5 people.

He warned that if any officials who do not follow the regulation, he will ask the ministry of interior to propose the sub degree concerning the siren truck…