About the well-unplanned construction in Cambodia

Recently, Phnom Penh has been growing with the high rising buildings, luxurious venues and buildings. We can see the modern buildings of the councils ministers and ASEAN meeting along Russian Boulevard. Other skyscrapers and medium-high buildings have been built. Satellite city has been set up such as Camko city, Grand Phnom Penh and Diamond island which is gaining a lot of popularity. However, some of the construction, if we look more deeply, is not well-planned and built. The government has just repaired the councils of Ministers next to ASEAN meeting buildings. Last year, the government constructed a long vertical pole in front of the council of ministers. People driving along looked at it, but a few months after the complete construction, it was pulled down. How much the government spent on this pole? Why was it easily to be pulled down? was there any plan before constructing it? Another case of council of ministers to illustrate the issue of unplanned construction is the gate of the council of ministers. Recently, the council of ministers has pulled down some pieces of the stone gates. I do not know the reason of pulling down? Why after construction, there is pulling down and rebuild the new one? You may think that it is the small problem not to be considered, but it is worth money more or less. If just a small things, they[government] cannot plan well, how can they plan the big plan of the other high buildings.

The unplanned of the buildings of government venues is one of the problem, but there are some other cases of private buildings exemplifying the unplanned and careful check of the buildings from the Phnom Penh municipality and the minister of Urbanization and Land Management.

In 2009, Phnom Penh Municipality proclaimed publicly to pull down the buildings for Panhasastra university in front of the Cambodiana Hotel since they said that the building stories were over two floors according to plan set by the municipality. Who should be blamed for this building? the building owners or government? I think, the government is the only one to be blamed since they do not have responsibility for checking the process of construction. If they have effective and strong actions of the project of the buildings, who dare not follow the plan? The announcement is nonsense now. There is no any action to crack down the buildings and now it has been used as the hotel. What are the reasons behind this?

One more thing regarding the plan of the satellite city, especially diamond island. In November last year during the water festival, approximately 350 people were dead and hundreds were injured due to the swaying bridge stampede. The bridge is not small, but why it is only one-way bridge? You may think the bride is not small, but why, do you know, after the bridge stampede, the government has been planning to construct two more bridges for the diamond island? It means that they acknowledge that they bridge is not well-planned for the future use. If they think the plan of the bridge is good, why do they need to build 2 more bridge. What is it for?


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