Enemies of the People

By Sun Narin

Documentary Film: Enemies of the People

Cambodia experienced a brutal Khmer Rouge Regime, which claimed almost 1.7 million people. Some people are aware of the reason behind the mass killing but most of the people, especially young generation have not known about the reason of the killings. A lot of document films concerning Khmer Rouge regime have been done to show for the public, but it seems that reason of killing has not been pointed out. Recently, a documentary film called the Enemies of the People has been produced which I think and other people agree that it is a great film which seeking about the truth of massacre in Cambodia during Pol Pot regime.

Enemies of the People is a documentary film which has been produced by Mr. Thet Sambath who is currently working as the senior reporter for the Phnom Penh Post newspaper. He spent almost ten years of his life time making this film by getting through many difficult tasks and hardship. He was really amazing that he persuaded people who experienced killing to tell him about what did they do during Khmer Rouge regime. More important than this, he interviewed Brother Number Two Nuon Chea.