Reach Sambath, the most respectful person

From Year Three Students at the Department of Media and Communication of the Royal University of Phnom Penh,

We are really saddened to hear about the demise of our respectful lecturer Reach Sambath. We had honor to know him and had the greatest respect for him. He was a really good guy that we remember his goodness to us. We spent our time with him last year both in academic and social life. He lightened us to be a good person and student. He provided us a lot of knowledge. He made us happy and laughed all the time when we were with him. When we were sad, he spoke something to make us happy. When we did not understand and wanted him to help with something, he was very helpful and kind in any circumstance.

It was taken while we went to do the story with lecturer Sambath

Every Saturday last year, he always took us to interview people both in the city and outskirts of the city which was the time that we got to know each other more and closely. He shared our good time with him. Our relationship was always closed with him. He was like our father, brother and sometimes he was like our friend since his intimate relationship with us like friends. I remembered his activities that we ate food, danced and took photos together.

It was taken at IFL

He is an easy going person. I remembered one day we went to eat something together at IFL. At that time, he took his spoon to eat rice with a friend of mine who was eating rice and then I realized that he was a very simple person who should be admired for what he had done to us.

Last year, we went to his hometown province in Svay Rieng because he organized a ceremony for his late parents. We enjoyed with him over there. He served us everything. I remembered one thing that he did with us. He danced with us with the style of youths.

it was taken while we were in Svay Rieng together

Lok Kru Sambath, we committed your name, your face, your laugh, your smile, your activities and even your sadness to our memory. We cannot forget you in our life.

We wish we could have next life to be with each other again or even becoming your sisters, your brothers, your relatives, your daughters, your sons, and your friends.

Please pass on our sincere condolences to his family members. We will truly miss him, May he rests in peace…………

Sincerely Condolences