Multi-function Facebook

By Sun Narin

A social networking site called Facebook, which has been available in Cambodia since 2008, is now very popular for Cambodian people, especially youths including students and working people. It is also appealing to middle-aged people who use it to entertain by posting comment of saying hello or communicating for the certain purpose.

If you ask the students who are very updated with technology, they are really sure to know this social network site since they have the account of it which they use everyday. They use it as a tool to communicate with each other by posting what they want to share with their online friends such as their personal feeling and problem.

Ith Sothoeuth, year-4 student of the Department of Media and Communication at the Royal university of Phnom Penh, posted on his wall the other days that, “Have a very bad stomach” to let his friends see it and comment for him.

Ny Sokunpidor, year-4 student at the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL), posted on her wall to her friends that, “This sunday at 3 PM… karaok at SOO KTV……….. ok?”

Facebook is also used to make new friends. People who have account facebook can get to know each other by adding and accepting as friend. This can make them communicate with each other and one day they can come to see each other face to face. You can also make friends abroad. It is a chance for them to share everything with one another.

Besides posting the information to share with friends regarding their feeling and problems, facebook users use facebook to upload their photos as the site for keeping record of their photos. Therefore, other people can see their photos. Some facebook users have uploaded hundreds of their photos.

Sok Samphoasphalyka, year 2 student of RUPP, has nearly 500 photos posted on her facebook homepage. This make other people be able to enjoy seeing her photos. She always updates her photos when she has new ones.

Facebookers use facebook to share the news with each other. For example, since the dispute over Preah Vihear temple between Cambodia and Thailand, the users posted the information related to fighting and deaths of the military. Sometimes, they share their opinion regarding the specific issue.

Besides this, facebook is used as the advertising site of certain products. Now facebook is used for the charity site to contribute some money or material to helping orphan children.

Now the number of facebook users has been increasing from day to day. According to Socialbakers, there are around 300000 users in Cambodia.