Technology helps students cheat in the exam

By Sun Narin

Second semester exam for grade 12 has finished. This year seems strange from a few years ago due to the fact that exam sitters use technology such as modern telephone and I-pad phone to capture the answers from each other to copy. Some students take the picture of the exam paper with the answers and post it on Facebook wall, a social networking which is very populous and widely used among youths. This is the concerned problem for the upcoming final exam at the end of July this year.

I was told by my sister and other students who are the grade 12 exam testers that the disorder in the exam existed since students are very freely to copy the answers and use mobile phone of ignored it. It is a disturbance during the exam and the exam will not be trusted to measure the ability of the students.

I took the exam of grade 12 in 2007 in Phnom Penh. I remembered that students, at that time, were allowed to take the telephone in my class since the supervisors took money from each students every exam session for the safety of cheating. Students just called to contact each other for the answer, but now they can capture the answer and send to each other immediately for copying. This is very influential that the answer will reach students sine they use the telephone. Students will be able to jot down the answer quickly. This will make the quality of education even worse than before. Before, it was not easy to copy the answer, but now it is very easy since they just take their phones out and write down.

Due to the standards of living of students in Phnom Penh, I think most of the students in the provinces are not able to do that, but more or less than they can cheat. Now it is very customary that the exam sitters have to give money to the supervisors for the security of cheating. Even the supervisors do not ask for , but they have to do that since they know it from their previous generation, but I think all the supervisors will get it every time.

Bribery and corruption in education system have been reported during the exam every year both at grade 9 and 12 and as well as the existence of cheating. Grade 12 exam is the concerned problem since it is the last year of general education and it is also the time that students try to pass the exam or gain more marks on it. During the semester exam, some students bribed for high scores for that exam since I will be calculated in addition to their final exam marks.

I think it is hard to deal with corruption, bribery and cheating during the exam every year. However, using the telephone during the exam must be strictly forbidden since it can be quick and widespread and it is a chance for the students without ability and knowledge to pass and get high scores after the exam.

Supervisors are the people who are in charge of tacking the issue, making sure that they do not use telephone in the exam.