Tiger Conservation needs youth participation

by Sun Narin

Two youth Tiger ambassadors from WWF presented the topic on Tiger Conservation to Department of Media and Communication’s students.

They said that Cambodia is one of the 13 countries which have tigers. There are estimated 3200 tigers globally and there are 9 types of tiger but 3 of which were extinct.

They continued that Cambodian tigers are called Indochinese tigers. According to WWF website,Cambodia’s wild tiger population is estimated to be no more than 30.   But recent recovery of prey populations and forest protection make the country’s Eastern Plains a critically important potential site for restoring endangered wild tiger populations.

Kheng Seangly and Chem Srey Oeurn are the Tiger Ambassador WWF volunteers who are working to raise awareness on the tiger conservation.

They hope that from this presentation DMC students can get some ideas more or less and help spread it out to other people especially among their family’s members and friends since DMC students are very potential in spreading this awareness through articles writing and other publications, websites, blog, facebook/group facebook etc,.in order to contribute to conserving/protecting wildlife especially tiger.

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