DMC Alumni Association

By Sun Narin

A group of former graduate and studying students of the Department of Media and Communication (DMC) at the Royal University of Phnom Penh have gathered to set up an alumni association (DMCAA) this morning.

Tieng Sopheak Vichea, acting director of DMC, stated the purpose of creating the alumni association is to be in the group so that they can connect and help each other by sharing experience and knowledge, adding that DMC has planned to do it since 2006, but it failed to do due to the difficulties of gathering the students.

“We cannot live alone without connecting with each other. We have to live in a group,” he said. He adds, “Individuals who help only themselves are not yet human. They are human if they help others.”

DMC has established been since 2001 and it is the first and only academic training center for communication, journalism and media education in Cambodia. So far, there are 10 batches. The meeting discussed the by-laws for the association and the structure of the organization.

Now DMC alumni association has elected four former DMC students to lead the organization, namely:

1. Mr. Khan Chenda, the president of the alumni association. He was from batch two. He has just finished his master degree of Public Policy in Singapore. He is now a lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL)

2. Ms. Ros Sothea, the vice president of the alumni association. She was from batch two. She has experienced as the journalist for nearly seven years. Now she is working at Asian Development Bank (ADB)

3. Mr. Tith Chandara, secretary general of the alumni association. He was from batch 7. He is a fresh graduate. He went to some countries for exchange study and workshop including Germany and Singapore. He is good at designing, communication and program organizing.

4. Ms. Thy Heang, the finance holder. She was from batch four. She has just got master degree of journalism from Hong Kong. She is now working at Cambodians for Resource Revenue Transparency (CRRT).

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