Indian selling nets in Cambodia

By Sun Narin

It is not a lot, but the number is increasing from year to year. In the last few years, hundreds of Indian native people have migrated to Cambodia to sell mosquito nets, clothes and other stuffs. They carry their mosquito nets, clothes and other bags and walk in the city and far-away provinces across the country to make their selling.

Most of Cambodian people staying in Cambodia are neither the tourists nor the large traders, but they are only small traders who sell daily consumption stuffs to Cambodia’s people’s house directly.

They say that they are the poor people and unemployed in their country and come Cambodia due to the introduction of other Indians. With black skin and long beard covering on his face, Sobat Barma (27) who was interviewed in Cambodia by the media student, said that he has been living in Cambodia sine 1997, adding that he was introduced by his relatives and friends to sell goods such as mosquito nets or clothes in Cambodia.

“I come here to sell blanket, clothes and nets. I could earn more money in Cambodia. I rarely go home so that I can save more money,” he said.

He continued saying that it was not easy to sell his stuffs because he has always to get up early and walk at least 20 kilometers per day, explaining that he goes to a rural area in Cambodia in order to sell his goods. He said,” My selling is not regular. Sometimes, it is good, and sometimes it is bad. If it is harvesting season (November to April), people have a lot of money, so I can sell a lot of clothes, nets or other products.”

Another Indian guy who sells clothes and nets in Cambodia, Mr Pika Sing said in the interview with the student that he decided to come Cambodia because he could not seek for job in India. He added that in Cambodia, though he can sell a lot of nets or clothes, he could still save a little money.

“Nowadays the number of Indians selling the products like me is on the increase,” he said.

According to the local radio reporting in Cambodia, those Indian people rent a small room in Cambodia’s small area in the capital and provinces (Deung Hem in Cambodian language) and share the room with other Indian friends. They have closed relationship with Cambodian people surrounding. However, most of them do not speak English. They have difficulties in talking and managing the money for food and family in India. Therefore, they try to learn Khmer in order to communicate with people in their business.

They buy the clothes and nets from the Cambodia’s markets and sell to the people in the countryside. They say that they can make profits of some 500 to 1000 dollars per year and send the remittance to the family in India, local radio reported. They know clearly what provinces and when they go to sell the products when the people have money to buy it.

There are about 1500 Indian nationals working in various fields in Cambodia. Most of them are based in the capital city, Phnom Penh. The Indians in Cambodia have formed an association called ‘Indian Association – Cambodia’.

According to Indians, there are some 700 Indian people who are selling mosquitoes in Cambodia. They say that they enter Cambodia legally and get the advice from the embassy of India in Cambodia not to do something bad. Due to the productive result of selling mosquitoes in Cambodia, some Indian people buy the motors to sell their products.

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