Terrified Experience in India

Thirty First which is the end of the day of July was my happiest day in India and the petrified day in India. It was my first time that I got home late at around 7.30pm. I considered it late when I am in India. I started leaving home at 3.30pm for Science city which is the place showing sensational aspects. I don’t really know where the place is. I may be the pioneer on that day.

I asked the people where the Science City was. They told me that it is about 5 kilometers and I can take the taxi. It costs only 40 rupies. However, I thought that I should walk and when I am back, I can take the taxi or other transports. I used my mouth as the way. I walked and asked a lot of people. You know, a guy that I asked is very helpful. He asked me to be on the motor with him cos he was also on the middle way to that place. I declined first and then I rode with him by feeling shock and expecting that are they wanting to cheat me? Actually not. They are good people.

They stopped me at the flyover and told me to walk until the end of the bridge. I said to myself it is not far. But I walked along way I did not still see the place. I asked people, they said it is on that way, just go front. It is right. It is the place. I found out that I should have taken the bus or taxi cos it is not near. I took pictures on the way, making me feel not tired at all.

When I reached the place, I was very happy to see the place where some Indian people do not know and go there. There are a lot of interesting things that I can visit with fantastic view. I went to the space theatre, the 3D room, animal room, other places. I was always thinking at the time I was happy that I should be at home when the sky was not dark yet. I went out and left for home at 6:50 pm. I was asked by two guys to take the taxi. Normally, there is only one driver, but this time, there were two drivers. I was thinking they wanted to cheat me and had plot to take my money and camera. I have around 4oo dollars and identity card in my pocket. I left the passport in my camera pocket.

I was shocked and thinking that they wanted to cheat me. And then I pretended to make a call and said something and then I asked them to stop somewhere cos I thought I have to walk for the safety. They stopped me and it costs 50 rupies. I took the money from the pocket (They may see my money in the pocket). I gave them 100 rupies and then they said the money was torn. My money is not. At the time it was dark. I did not realize that I they torn my money. I gave them 5 notes of 10 rupies and then they said it was torn again. I was wondering. And they dropped the money near the car for me to pick up. I was in fear. I said there was something wrong. And then I gave them 100 rupies again and then it was torn again. I started thinking what happened. My hands were trembling. and then I gave them the last 100 rupies with my closed look. They gave change to me with 50 rupies. And then they said the money was torn again. I realized that and I said to them “You changed and cheat me”. I started walking very quickly with shock. They waged their hands to me.

I walked about 30 minutes home in fear. I called my sisters and Makara. I was thinking why they did like that to me. I thought they had the torn money and wanted to change with my money or they have counterfeit money and want to change mind. And one more thing, may be they want to cheat me by letting me give them 500 rupies note or 1000 rupies note. You know they did not want to have change for me.

I forgot to tell all of you, menghourng was at home alone. He was in fear at home too cos he thought why I was late for home cos I just told him not to go out at night and in dark. He told me that he opened the door and saw one guy and that guy came in front of the door. He told me that he did not know what to do if I did not come home cos he did not know my telephone number and he did not have phone or don’t know my sister number too.

Finally I got home. We talked in shock with each other. And told each other the story.

That was the unluckiest day in India, there was the problem with water. We did not have water to take shower. A lot of sweat on my body. How can I slept. I decided to take some pure drinking water to wash my body and slept. We slept in shock. We were about to close the eyes. Unfortunately, the electricity was cut. In India, it was very hot. We could not sleep and there are also mosquitos. I decided to share the bed with Menghourng cos he has the net. Until 1 am in India, the electricity came. Then I was hungry. There was a crocodile in my stomach. I did not have something in the refrigerator and have no rice too cos there was no water to cook rice. I thought of the noodle Menghourng brought from Cambodia. I ate and then went to sleep. We got up nearly 8am in India.

Menghourng told me he was not happy with the electricity, though it came. I think the reason why.



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