New NGOs Law

By Sun Narin

Sok Sam Oeun, executive director of Cambodian Defenders Project, said on his Facebook page that the new NGO law would strictly control and limit the freedom of NGOs.

Sok Sam Oeurn, said that according to this draft law, Cambodians will have neither freedom nor right to form Association and NGO which is inconsistent with the Constitution article 135 because we can form it only if we had permission from the authority first.

He added that Association and NGOs must report its activities and financial. It means we will under strictly controlled. If s, we have no freedom to do anything.  He says that the Ministry of Finance of Auditing can audit it at any necessary. We do not object if we did something wrong, but according to this draft, it looks we can do this at anytime. If so, we also feel that we have no freedom.

Now people and the organizations are concerned over the government efforts to regulate the activities of the NGOs.
Late last month, the Ministry of Interior released its third draft of the law to the public and also confirmed that it had sent that draft to the Council of Ministers effectively terminating any further meaningful discussions between the government and the NGOS.