Cambodia Ties with Pakistan: consulate inaugurated in Lahore

By Sun Narin

Cambodia’s Foreign Affairs Spokesman Mr Koy Koung says that Cambodia, which is following one-China policy, is opening the consulate in Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan, to establish the relations and cooperation on the diplomacy and trade between both countries.

He said: “Cambodia sees the potential of Pakistan and then the relations will strengthen and develop the trade, investment and tourism.”

He adds that Cambodia is the independent and neutral country, which is not the coalition state of other countries. “It is not related to China’s clout in Cambodia. It is the country’s decision to side with those countries,” he said.

It is noticeable that Cambodia, recently, has started to forge the relations with the closed allied countries with China. Last month, North Korea and Cambodia has agreed to exchange the business while North Korea is wishing for rice import from Cambodia. In August 2010, leaders from Iran and Cambodia met and discussed the relations while Iran was under the world’s sanctions.

However, Cambodian critics say that Cambodia has tendency to start the relations with the countries, which are against the United States, but are intimate friends to China.

Mr Yim Sovann, the Sam Rainsy Opposition Party Spokesman in Cambodia said that everything is dependent on the country’s government to start the relations with those countries. However, he says that the government has to make sure that the relations will benefit the nation and people, and urge those countries to respect human rights, democracy and people’s benefits.