Too much of Facebook is injurious to health

Teenagers who regularly use social networking site are much more likely to drink, smoke and use marijuana, according to a new study from Columbia University, USA.

The study of 1000 American teenagers aged between 12 and 17 years found that those who used such sites daily were five times more likely to smoke tobacco than those who did not.  Similarly, they are three times more likely to drink alcohol and twice as likely to use marijuana. The poll also found that 70 percent of those interviewed said they used social networking sites on a typical day, while 30 percent did not, the Daily Telegraph, London, reported. One of the main reasons for going on such sites, besides actually communicating with friends, is to keep tabs on peers by looking at their photographs. But the study found that pictures of teenagers “drunk, passed out, or using drugs on Facebook, and other sites” were “rampant”.

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