Old Street Barber Struggles to live in the city for nearly 45 years.

By Sun Narin

With a lot of people walking forwards and backwards adjacent to traveling of the vehicles, a one-meter jaywalking path along AJC Bose road stands an old-aged street barber’s shelter. Mr Ram Bhrosa Thakur, is now 65 years old, has been working as the barber in Kolkata for nearly 45 years since he moved from Bihar state.

“I am living here alone without any support from others. I am here to find money for my family in Bihar,” he said. However, he does not face any difficulties living alone in Kolkata.

“I am happy to live here and can earn money to send to my family,” he said. Living alone in Kolkata, Mr Ram Bhrosa can earn average from 3000 to 4000 Rupees per month. He divides his earnings for the remittance to the family in Bihar, renting house, and daily consumption and food.

“I send around 2000 Rupees to my family every month and 1000 Rupees on the house, and the rest I spend on food,” he said. “I try to save money. I spend only from 20 to 30 Rupees for my food per day,” he said.

Ram Bhrosa was a peasant when he lived in Bihar. He saw the hair cutting and then he tried to do and he knows how to cut until now. Due to his poor family living condition, he decided to migrate to work in Kolkata as the barber. He has to support 5-member family in Bihar including his wife, children and grand children.

Living here for ages, he has become accustomed to living here alone with the struggling life. However, he is still concerned about his illness. He had the operation on his stomach for 15 years and it has become his daily illness for ages.

“When I am sick, I go to Bihar to let my family take care of me,” he said. When I recover, I come back to Kolkata to work,” he adds.

He expressed that his old age and illness have become the shadow on his life and his concerns in the future. “If I stop working, how can my family in Bihar survive. I am afraid that one day I cannot work any more,” he said.

Jaywalking in Kokata city has become for the business of middle-aged people for hair cutting, mustache and beard shaving.

“I don’t have plan to go back to Bihar because I have a job that can feed my life here and family’s in Bihar,” said Mr Ram Bhrosa.

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