New Light Sets on Chesterton

New Light Sets on Chesterton

Chesterton Today

Chesterton has turned into a major eco-tourism destination from the ghost town of logging and mining.

In the past decades, it has seen development of world-class skiing with booming whitewater of almost 200 rafts into the Old Horse River every summer.

History of Chesterton

Chesterton built by Logging Company became a thriving community of over 300 men, women and children in 1891.

During the WWI, the airplanes were built to meet the increase in population, seeing rising population to almost 4000.

After the War, the pioneering Mount Freeman Daniel of the region operated a zinc mine in the 1820s. As a result, Chesterton was greatly prosperous in the late 1920s, even after shutdown of sawmill.

However, the existence of Chesterton Regional Park set a new birth of tourists including skiers, hikers and campers after the collapse of zinc market during the Great Depression.


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