Why People Commit Suicide because of Love

Photo from Flikcr

By Sun Narin and Suy Heim Khemra

October 26, 2011

LOVE between boy and girl has become influential in their life. First, they love each other. They share and enjoy with the love they are having together. They also try to understand each other and look forwards to the future wedding. However, some love is not good like that.  Due to some reasons, they are broke up with each other. This leads one person of the couple to commit suicide by taking some pills to death and falling from the high building or bridge.

Some students express their ideas on the suicidal:

Professor of Sociology Vong Em Sam An is giving interview with Love blog reporter/photo by Suy Heim Khemra

Committing suicide is something related to the complete stressfulness and depression of the people, according to Vong Em Sam An, the professor of sociologyfrom the Royal University of Phnom Penh. He explains that people committing suicide is to meet what they need. He said that most people who are from teenager age up to twenty five tend to commit suicide because of love.

He adds that we cannot say people at what age tend to commit suicide but we just know that people in the young age are tend to be more bad-tempered. They do not have much consideration. Therefore, they tend to commit suicide than the old-aged people.

In order to prevent someone from suicidal, he recommends that:


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