Boring Bus and Traffic in Kolkata City, India

Department of Media and Communication (DMC)

Multimedia and Online Journalism

Lecturer: Ung BunY

By Sun Narin

It is ordinary for the people living in Kolkata city of West Bengal in India with the traffic, but it is extraordinary and peculiar for the newer to the city. The extremely busy and pure chaotic traffic put me at shock at the first time when I boarded the bus.

Kolkata, the oldest and second largest city in India, remains ancient buildings and occupies some 15 million people as many as Cambodia’s population. It is a heavily-crowded city. A variety of public vehicles you can commute including autos, buses, taxis and trams.

The traffic starts being busy as a cat on a hot tin roof from the stuffy morning time of 9 a.m. until 9.p.m. Between May and September you have to be prepared for a very serious drenching.

The sun starts shining over the place where a people and I are waiting for the bus in a disorderly queue like a pack of animals; some people are with one hand holding an umbrella.

The bus conductor with a bag hung on his shoulder and small pieces of tickets in his hand are calling people to get on board so loudly to overtone the noisy surrounding. The driver drives very fast and stops abruptly and people run after the bus as if they were competing to catch the bus.

In the rushed hour, it is like the stampede on the bus since people are trying to squeeze together into a narrow space. Some are sitting and some are standing in a very tight way with one of their hands holding a metal line above for balance. The travelers complain when the bus stops for long due to the traffic jam since it is suffocation in the bus equipped with no air-condition.

One small road shares the route for bus, auto, taxi and tram. Most of the time, it causes gridlock on the road. Carelessly, the bus, most of the time, is nearing to hit each other. The travelers cannot sit conveniently since it is so bumpy.

The environment in the bus becomes disgusting for me, I admit. Smell of sweat spreads across the bus. Some travelers smoke cigarette.

However, I take auto, more comfortable, instead of bus despite more costs. As an advice from me, you have to be careful with the traffic in Kolkata city.


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