Experience as the teacher of English

So far I have been teaching for a month. It is my first experience of teaching English. However, I found it interesting since I am able to teach them and they consider and ask my teacher.

Teaching has also become my favorite job since I want to share what I have to my students. When I studied at IFL, I always imagined that one day I would be able to be a teacher because I chose the major to teaching English as a Foreign Languages.

I am teaching at one private school called IEL International. I teach two classes, one of which is upper intermediate level and the other one is advanced level.Besides this, I am also a tutor.

It is a bit hard work for me. When I was a student, I thought it was not difficult. As a good teacher, we have to work hard for your students in term of preparing lessons, grammars and ways to explain the students. Some time, some students will make teacher dizzy since they just come to school for playing and they always do something to disturb the class.

It is hard that some time, I try to explain to my students, but they do not understand. So, I have to find another way to make them understand the grammatical points.

Normally, I have to design the lessons for the students, grammatical parts and quizes every week. Teaching requires hard working too and teacher will not be happy if he or she sees students not trying work hard on their study. I hope this great experience will be beneficial for me in the future.

2 thoughts on “Experience as the teacher of English”

  1. It is really nice to read your experience being a teacher. Let’s keep good work and help Khmer kids to be better with their study. Maybe you can tell some stories of great people who succeed in their life or any stories you used to write to tell them and it may inspire them or remind them of what they are doing. They can work harder and be more interested in study.

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