Lakeside Villager’s Homes Inundated and Threatens Gunpoint

Sun Narin and Chhay Channyda

November 08,2010

Development Company at Boeung Kak lakeside has postponed the sand pumping while nearly a hundred people opposed them at the site on Friday when they threatened to gun down the protesters.

Ty Pisey, the resident at Village 1, said on Sunday that the company put off pumping the sand since Friday, allowing people for prepare the material and property for three days, adding that they may continue pumping on Monday.

“I am not sure when they will start pumping again. The deputy district governor asked us to meet the company and municipality. We went to ask them but they always turned us to talk this and that people again and again, adding that she did not know what to do.

According to local Adhoc’s report issued on November 5, roughly 40 houses in Boeung Kak lakeside have been sunk by the sand pumping of a local firm Shukaku Inc in three-day period and people were threatened to gun down if they hinder the company activity.

A 24-year-old resident You Ro was banned by the company guards from cutting down the coconut trees in his 24 by 60 meter house surrounding on Friday while his house and mushroom farm was pumped on. He said that he told them not to fall down his trees but they did not listen and they drove tractor and was about to gun him, but there was intervention from their friends.

“They said that they would fire several who banned the activity. This was much more barbarous than Pol Pot, not giving time to people to gather their property. The government development project makes people unhappy only tear and robbery,” he said.

The Adhoc’s report investigating from November 3 to 5 says that since the lake development, approximately other 100 resident’s houses have been sinking and the government has not taken actions to prevent the problem to date. “Even the area is in front of the Councils of Ministers and premier cabinet and the government does not take a move,” Adhoc says.

According to Adhoc’s report, there are more than 2000 families remaining which will be faced the inappropriate compensation from the company, but their houses will be submerged accordingly. Shukaku Inc headed by Cambodian People’s Party Senator Lao Meng Khin has had 99 year development project on 133-hectare housing from the government since 2007.

The residents have three choices for compensation. First is to get the new house at new location, second is to get 8000 dollars and 2 million riels and third is to get the development at the site. People said that all the choices do not satisfy people since it is too low and the new location is too far. Daun Penh deputy district governor Sok Penh Vuth did not respond to the people’s insult on the government and cruel authority force. He just said that he is the lower class just get the order, adding that it is better if they put the proposal to the Phnom Penh municipality.

“This authority level is not able to solve the problem for them since the company has rights to invest. It is normal that the development always affect people, please receive the compensation,” he said.

He also accused that the gathering and protest of people last Friday was in anarchy and public disorder.

Phnom Penh Deputy Governor Nuon Sameth could not be reached for comment on Sunday.