Scholarship Entrance Exam at IFL Under Fire

It really surprises students and they say “Are you kidding?” when they see the announcement of scholarship students who want to study at IFL without entrance exam. Now, it has been under fire from the students in public.

This announcement has been issued by the Ministry of Education. It is strange from other previous years that Institute of Foreign Languages followed that the students who want to get scholarship to study English at IFL has to take entrance examination to compete with other students across the country.

If we look at the number of scholarship students for IFL is 110 for this year which is higher than other previous years, holding 80 students only.

This has become under fire in term of quality of the students and the corruption during the selection for the scholarship. However, I think this has pros and cons. I agree in term of quality. But I am thinking of the chance for poor students who really want to study there though they dont have higher English capacity. You may ask why dont they try since they are at school? but I think u know the cleavage between the education in the province and city or between the rich and poor.

I know that competition will make good selection of students and they are really qualified which makes IFL famous…But it is only the language and I think the Ministry values all the subjects that the students are good at, so when they get good grade from grade 12, they can study at IFL.

At IFL, if students do not have chance to get scholarship, but they want to study English over there by fee, they have to take the the entrance exam. A lot of students apply every year, but only some of them are selected for study.
As far as I know the fee is around 450 dollars per year.
If we look into the economic status of poor students, they cannot pay for that though they want to study over there. Therefore, in this case, it is good idea that the Ministry can keep some places for poor students who are from the province are able to learn over there. One more thing, what do you think about the students who try hard from grade 12 but their English is not good at all, but they want to study English and they do not have chance cos of only the exam of English that they cannot compete with others.
However, in my opinion, I believe that most of the students who are good at English get good grade from high school already and it will be the same.
According to Mak Nang, the deputy director of Higher Education Department, the Ministry has studied in detailed of this since 2002 on all the subjects from grade 12 to choose students for the scholarship and at that time there was no score record for English subject yet, but now the Ministry has reformed the system at high school since there is score record for English. Therefore, the ministry does not want the university to spend time on selecting students for this scholarship.
“The ministry will select the students according to their total grade and the grade on English itself ,” she said.