Cambodia’s Coastline

Four-hundred and forty square kilometer Cambodia’s coastline has been listed in the club of the world’s most beautiful coastline after the final decision in France, according to Cambodia’s media. Cambodia’s coastline became the 37th among the all the coastlines.

Cambodia proposed the coastline to be listed in May 2010.

The club has 24 membership countries including 6 countries from Africa continent, 5 countries from America, 7 countries from Asia and 6 other countries from Europe.

Cambodia coastline stretches along 4 provinces including Koh Kong, Kep , Kampot and Sihanoulk ville.

Valentine’s Day

By Sun Narin

Education Department of the Ministry of Women’s affairs conducted a meeting yesterday concerning valentine’s day by participation of 250 people from the department of women’s affairs and all school directors and vice-directors in Phnom Penh.

Nom Bothary, the director of education department, said that the meeting is to raise awareness of the valentine’s day which girls who have partner are cheated or lured to have sex with their boyfriend.

She said that she wanted the youths to turn their attitude and idea that the day is very special for them and it is the day they go with their partner to have sex.

She added all the teachers who attended the meeting can educate and tell all the students at each school concerning the valentine’s day.